PNW Field Guides

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A selection of field guides to (primarily) Pacific Northwest plants and wildlife.

Trees of Vancouver: A Guide to the Common and Unusual Trees of the City
University of Washington Press
0-7748-0406-8 1992 288p. $19.95 In Print

Marine Birds and Mammals of Puget Sound
Angell, Tony
University of Washington Press
0-295-95942-8 1982 p. $14.50 In Print

Guide to Birds of Alaska
Armstrong, Robert
Alaska Northwest Books
0-88240-367-2 1990 349p. $19.95 Illstr. In Print

Northwest Trees
Arno, Stephen F. Hammerly, Ramona P. (Illustrator)
Mountaineers Books, The
0-916890-50-3 1977 p. $10.95 Illstr. In Print

Northwest Foraging: Wild Edibles of the Pacific Northwest
Benoliel, Doug
Signpost Book Publishing Company
0-913140-13-9 1974 p. $8.95 Illstr. In Print

Native Trees of the Northwest
Bernstein, Art
Magnifica Books
0-9617525-2-1 1988 136p. $6.95 Illstr. In Print

Northwest Conifers: A Photographic Key
Bever, Dale N.
Binford & Mort Publishing
0-8323-0390-9 1981 p. $18.95 Illstr. In Print

Backyard Wild Birds of the Pacific Northwest and California
Brown, V.
T F H Publications, Incorporated
0-87666-411-7 1985 p. $3.95

Wildlife and Plants of the Cascades
Brown, Vinson. Yocom, Charles. Andrews, Douglas (Illustrator)
Naturegraph Publishers, Incorporated
0-911010-80-7 1971 296p. $9.95 Illstr.

Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Trout
Childerhose, R. J. Trim, Marj
University of Washington Press
0-295-95866-9 1979 166p. $16.95 Illstr.

Field Guide to the Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest
Christensen, James R.
University of Idaho Press
0-89301-074-X 1981 200p. $16.95 Illstr.

Amphibians of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
Corkran, Charlotte and Chris Thoms
Lone Pine
1-55105-073-0 1996 75p. $16.95 Illstr. 33 Refs. In Print
Includes keys, habitat and lifecygle info, lots of photos.

Wild Harvest: Edible Plants of The Pacific Northwest
Domico, Terry. Jones, Hannah (Illustrator)
Hancock House Publishers, Limited
0-88839-022-X 1979 88p. $8.95 Illstr. In Print

Butterflies of Oregon
Dornfeld, Ernst
Timber Press, Incorporated
0-917304-58-6 1980 275p. $24.95

Birder¯s Handbook: A Field Guide to the Natural History of North American Birds
Ehrlich, Paul R. & David S. Dabkin & Darryl Wheye
Simon & Schuster
0-671-65989-8 1988 786p. $17.00 Illstr. 63 Refs. In Print
Two books in one, half natural history essays and half all the data usualy left out of field guides: habitat, nesting locations and style, eggs, diet, flying style. 63 pages of references. I wish it had been bound as two books, though, to make it easier to hold and carry around.

Plants of the Pacific Northwest; 663 selected Northwest wild flowers, shrubs, trees, and weeds
Enari, Leonid
Portland, Or., Binfords & Mort [1956].
1956 315p. Illstr.

Big Fact Book About Mount Rainier, The
Filley, Bette
Dunamis House
1-880405-06-7 p.

Discovering the Wonders of the Wonderland Trail Encircling Mount Rainier
Filley, Bette
Dunamis House
1-880405-05-9 p.

Birds of Seattle and Puget Sound
Fisher, Chris C.
Lone Pine
1-55105-078-1 1996 160p. $9.95 Illstr. 22 Refs. In Print
An introductory book to the more common birds around the Puget Sound. Includes seasonal, abundance, and habitat information.

Fruits and Berries of the Pacific Northwest
Flaherty, David C. Harvey, Sue E.
Alaska Northwest Books
0-88240-328-1 1988 101p. $24.95 Illstr.

Ferns of the Northwest
Frye, Theodore C.
Binford & Mort Publishing
0-8323-0120-5 1977 p. $4.50 Illstr.

Elementary flora of the Northwest
Frye, Theodore C. and George B. Rigg
New York, American Book Company [1914].
1914 256p.

Northwest flora
Frye, Theodore C. and George B. Rigg
Seattle : University bookstore [1912?].
1912 453p.

Birds of the Pacific Northwest
Gabrielson, Ira N. Jewett, Stanley G.
Dover Publications, Incorporated
0-486-22346-9 1970 p. $7.95

Handbook of Northwestern Plants
Gilkey, Dennis
Oregon State University Book Stores, Incorporated
0-88246-041-2 1980 507p. $14.50 In Print

Wildflower genetics : a field guide for British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest
Griffiths, Anthony J. F.
Vancouver, B.C. : Flight Press, c1983.
1983 215p. Illstr.

Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest : occurrence and distribution by habitat, BLM district, and national forest
Guenther, Keith, Thomas E. Kucera
[Portland, Or.] : USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region, 1978.
1978 128p. Illstr.

Alaskan Mushroom Hunter's Guide
Guild, Ben. VanHoesen, Jack (Illustrator)
Alaska Northwest Books
0-685-30480-9 1977 p. $19.95 Illstr.

Beetles of the Pacific Northwest
Hatch, Melville H.
University of Washington Press
0-318-56161-1 p. Illstr. In Print

Coastal Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest: Wildflowers and Flowering Shrubs from British Columbia to Northern California
Horn, Elizabeth L. Ort, Kathleen (Editor)
Mountain Press Publishing Company, Incorporated
0-87842-291-9 1993 183p. $14.00 Illstr. In Print

A field guide to coastal Washington
Howell, Jack W. (Jack Wayne)
Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms International, 1980.
1980 209p. Illstr.

Birding in Seattle and King County
Hunn, Eugene S.
Seattle Audubon Society
0-914516-05-1 1982 160p. $7.95 Illstr. 158 Refs. In Print
Notes not only on best places to go birding, but which species like which habitats, and therefore which ones you might be able to lure to your yard with the right plantings.

Trees of Seattle: The Complete Tree-Finder's Guide to 740 Varieties Sasquatch Books
Jacobson, Arthur L.
Sasquatch Books
0-912365-34-X 1990 436p. $16.95 Illstr. 27 Refs. In Print
Where to go see what that tree you want to plant might look like 20 years from now. Mostly exotics, but it does list most or all of the PNW natives.

Plant life of Washington State : Dungeness Spit, Willapa Hills, and lower Columbia River
Kaye, Thomas N.
Seattle, WA : Washington Native Plant Society, c1991.
1991 76p. Illstr.

Pacific coast berry finder : a pocket manual for identifying native plants with fleshy fruits
Keator, Glenn
[Berkeley, Calif.] : Nature Study Guild, c1978.
1978 59p. Illstr.

Mt. Hood National Forest sensitive plants and noxious weeds field guide
Kemp, Lois
[Gresham, Or.?] : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region, Mt. Hood National Forest, [1989?].
1989 130p. Illstr.

Poisonous Plants of the United States and Canada
Kingsbury, John M.
Prentice Hall
0-13-685016-2 1964 p. $47.00 In Print

Plants and animals of the Pacific Northwest : an illustrated guide to the natural history of Western Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia
Kozloff, Eugene N.
Seattle : University of Washington Press, c1976.
1976 264p. Illstr.

Plant life on serpentinite and other ferromagnesian rocks in northwestern North America
Kruckeberg, Arthur R.
[n.p.] Syesis [1969].
1969 p. Illstr.

Common Insect and Mite Galls of the Pacific Northwest
Larew, Hiram. Capizzi, Joseph
Oregon State University Press
0-87071-055-9 1983 80p. $7.95 Illstr. In Print

Birds of the Pacific Northwest
Larrison, Earl J.
University of Idaho Press
0-89301-078-2 1981 336p. $14.95 Illstr.

Mammals of the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia)
Larrison, Earl J.
Seattle Audubon Society
0-914516-04-3 1976 p. $8.95 Illstr. In Print

The floodplain and wetland vegetation of two Pacific Northwest river ecosystems
Lee, Lyndon C.
Vita. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Washington, 1983. Bibliography: leaves [164]-185. Depository copy has number: Thesis 30843.
1983 268p. Illstr.

Trees, Shrubs and Flowers to Know in Washington and British Columbia
Lyons, C.P & Bill Merilees
Lone Pine
1-55105-062-5 1995 375p. $15.95 Illstr. 17 Refs. In Print
Covers the wet and dry sides of the Cascades. Includes some invasive aliens (usually but not always marked as such).

A field guide for identification and interpretation of ecosystems of the northwest portion of the Prince George Forest Region
MacKinnon, A. (Andrew), 1956-.
Victoria : Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Forests, [1990].
1990 116p. Illstr.

Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest
McKenny, Margaret.
Portland, Or., Binfords & Mort [c1954].
1954 299p. Illstr.

New Savory Wild Mushroom, The
McKenny, Margaret. Stuntz, Daniel E. Contributors: Ammirati, Joseph F. (Contribution by)
University of Washington Press
0-295-96491-X 1987 264p. $25.00 Illstr. In Print

Mycology Guidebook
Mycological Society of America, Mycology Guidebook Committee. Stevens, Russell B. (Editor)
University of Washington Press
0-295-95841-3 1981 736p. $50.00 Illstr. In Print

Familiar Birds of the Northwest
Nehls, Harry B. Horsfall, R. Bruce (Illustrator)
Audubon Society of Portland
0-931686-08-3 1983 184p. $8.95 Illstr. In Print

Butterflies Afield in the Pacific Northwest
Neill, William A. Hepburn, Douglas J. (Illustrator)
Pacific Search Press
0-914718-15-0 1976 96p. $6.95 Illstr.

Nature of Southeast Alaska: A Guide to Plants, Animals and Habitats
O'Clair, Rita M. Carstensen, Richard. Armstrong, Robert
Alaska Northwest Books
0-88240-419-9 1992 256p. $17.95 In Print

Animal Tracks of the Pacific Northwest
Pandell, Karen. Stall, Chris
Mountaineers Books, The
0-89886-012-1 1981 120p. $5.95 Illstr. In Print

The Sierra Club guide to the natural areas of Oregon and Washington
Perry, John, 1914-.
San Francisco : Sierra Club Books, c1983.
1983 335p. Illstr.

New and noteworthy northwestern plants
Piper, Charles V. (Charles Vancouver), 1867-1926.
[Berkeley, Cal., 1899].
1899 15p.

Plants of the Pacific Northwest
Pojar, J. & MacKinnon, A.
Lone Pine
1-55105-040-4 1994 528p. $19.95 Illstr. 67 Refs. In Print
Covers well over 800 plants, including trees, shrubs, wildflowers, ferns, grasses, mosses, aquatics and oddballs. Includes notes on habitat and ethnobotany.

Trees of Greater Portland
Reynolds, Phyllis C. Dimon, Elizabeth F.
Timber Press, Incorporated
0-88192-263-3 1993 216p. $19.95 Illstr. In Print

Great Alaska Nature Factbook: A Guide to the State's Remarkable Animals, Plants, and Natural
Richardson, Jeffrey R.
Alaska Northwest Books
0-88240-454-7 1994 p. $14.95 In Print

Profiles of Northwest Plants: Food Uses, Medicinal Uses, and Legends
Robinson, Peggy
Peggy Robinson
0-686-27923-9 1979 168p. $5.95 Illstr. In Print

Wildflowers of the Western Cascades
Ross, Robert A. Chambers, Henrietta L. Stevenson, Shirley A.
Timber Press, Incorporated
0-88192-078-9 1988 204p. $19.95 Illstr. In Print

Great Northwest Nature Factbook: Remarkable Animals, Plants, and Natural Features in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana
Saling, Ann. Zingarelli, Mark (Illustrator)
Alaska Northwest Books
0-88240-407-5 1991 200p. $9.95 Illstr. In Print

Mushrooms of Northwest North America
Schalkwijk-Barendsen, Helene M. E.
Lone Pine
1-55105-046-3 1991 415p. $19.95 Illstr. In Print

Alaska's Wild Plants: A Guide to Alaska's Edible Harvest
Schofield, Janice J.
Alaska Northwest Books
0-88240-433-4 1993 96p. $12.95 In Print

Heritage from the Wild: Familiar Land and Sea Mammals of the Northwest
Scott, M. Douglas. Scott, Suvi A.
Northwest Panorama Publishing, Incorporated
0-9613787-1-9 1985 116p. $13.95 Illstr. In Print

Aquatic plants of the Pacific Northwest, with vegetaive keys
Steward, Albert Newton, 1897-.
Corvallis, Oregon State University Press [1963].
1963 261p.

Wayside Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest
Strickler, Dee
Falcon Press Publishing Company, Incorporated
1-56044-185-2 1993 272p. $19.95 Illstr. In Print

Mountain Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest
Taylor. Douglas
Binford & Mort Publishing
0-8323-0231-7 1975 p. $8.95 Illstr.

Northwest Weeds: The Ugly and Beautiful Villains of Fields, Gardens and Roadsides
Taylor, Ronald J.
Mountain Press Publishing Company, Incorporated
0-87842-249-8 1990 183p. $12.00 In Print

Huckleberry Country: Wild Food Plants of the Pacific Northwest
Thompson, Mary. Thompson, Steven
Wilderness Press
0-911824-53-7 1977 192p. $4.95 Illstr.
Edible and poisonous plants, mostly native.

Wildflowers of Marsh and Waterway in the Pacific Northwest
Trelawny, John G. (Editor) Clark, Lewis J. (Compiled by)
University of Washington Press
0-295-96091-4 1976 64p. $4.95 Illstr.

Wildflowers of the Field and Slope in the Pacific Northwest
Trelawny, John G. (Editor) Clark, Lewis J. (Compiled by)
University of Washington Press
0-295-96125-2 1976 64p. $4.95 Illstr.

Wildflowers of the Forest and Woodland in the Pacific Northwest
Trelawny, John G. (Editor) Clark, Lewis J. (Compiled by)
University of Washington Press
0-295-96099-X 1976 64p. $4.95 Illstr.

Wildflowers of the Sea Coast in the Pacific Northwest
Trelawny, John G. (Editor) Clark, Lewis J. (Compiled by)
University of Washington Press
0-295-96092-2 1976 64p. $4.95 Illstr.

Wildflowers of the Arid Flatlands in the Pacific Northwest
Trelawny, John G. (Editor) Contributors: Clark, Lewis J. (Compiled by)
University of Washington Press
0-295-96093-0 1976 80p. $4.95 Illstr.

Mammals of the Wild Northwest
Twesten, Gary
Gary Twesten Publisher
0-9602428-5-6 1988 73p. $9.95 Illstr. In Print

Mushrooms of Idaho and PNW
Tylutki, Edmund E.
University of Idaho Press
0-317-56991-0 1987 300p. $14.95 Illstr.

Roadside Wildflowers Northwest
Hancock House Publishers, Limited
0-88839-108-0 1981 0p. $5.95 In Print

Mosses, Lichens, and Ferns of Northwest North America
Vitt, Dale. Marsh, Janet. Bovey, Robin
University of Washington Press
0-295-96666-1 1988 288p. $17.50 Illstr.

Plants of the Oregon Coastal Dunes
Weidemann, Alfred M.
Oregon State University Book Stores, Incorporated
0-88246-117-6 1969 p. $6.95 In Print

Guide to Common Forest Plants
Wheeler, D.
Northwest Interpretive Association
0-914019-13-9 1990 p. $4.95 In Print

A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide to the Pacific Northwest
Whitney, Stephen
Sierra Club Books
0-87156-696-6 1989 352p. $14.95 Illstr. In Print

A field guide to the Cascades & Olympics
Whitney, Stephen, 1942-.
Seattle : Mountaineers, c1983.
1983 288p. Illstr.

Familiar Friends-Northwest Plants
Whittlessey, Rhoda
Rose Press
0-9615248-0-4 1985 212p. $9.95 Illstr. In Print

Pacific Coastal Wildlife Region
Yocom, Charles. Dasmann, Raymond
Naturegraph Publishers, Incorporated
0-911010-04-1 1965 120p. $7.95 Illstr. In Print

Wildlife and plants of the Cascades, covering most of the common wildlife and plants of the Pacific Northwest and the area of the lava beds
Yocom, Charles Frederick, 1914-.
Healdsburg, Calif., Naturegraph Publishers [1971].
1971 286p. Illstr.