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[The sister list pnw-spineless dicusses Pacific Northwest invertebrates.]

The pnw-natives discussion list is a forum for people to discuss gardening with Pacific Northwest native plants, especially gardening to rebuild habitat for wildlife. Wildlife includes anything from bears and cougars to soil bacteria, and everything in between. Topics such as how to keep a pond from completely freezing in the winter to attracting butterflies to combatting invasive weeds are entirely appropriate. Topics such as vegetable gardening, growing plants that are not native to our area, or how to choose a lawn care service should be taken somewhere else, such as the pacnwgardn list, or the usenet newsgroup rec.gardens.

The pnw-natives list covers a larger chunk of the Pacific Northwest than the web site can. Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia west of the Cascade and Coast ranges are still the primary region. However, discussions about eastern OR, WA, and BC and even beyond are welcome. But do say where you are posting from--if no one knows you're from Spokane, you'll probably get recommendations for all the wrong plants!

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