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A selection of books dealing with the ecology and natural history of the Pacific Northwest, mostly at a fairly general level. Some detailed references are listed in the Advanced section.

Natural history check lists and information, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington.
Longmire, Wash. : United States, Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Mount Rainier National Park, [1964].
1964 52p. Illstr.

Northwest Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference (1987 : Seattle, Wash., and Spokane, Wash.).
Northwest Nonpoint Source Pollution Conference, March 24 - 25, 1987, Seattle, Wash., March 26 - 27, 1987, Spokane, Wash. / co- sponsored by University of Washington, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Washington State Dept. of Social & Health Services, [and] Was
1987 557p.

Northwest parks & wildlife.
Florence, Or. : Northwest Regional Magazines, [1991-.
p. Illstr.

Plant life of the North Cascades : Lake Chelan-Sawtooth Ridge, Stehekin Valley, and Glacier Peak.
[Seattle?] : Washington Native Plant Society, 1986.
1986 96p. Illstr.

The Northwest naturalist
Seattle, Wash. : Puget Sound Academy of Science.
1934 p. Illstr.

Urbanization and natural environment in the coastal region of the State of Washington and the Province of British Columbia; report of a conference. Report preparation, Frances E. Tilse [and others].
[Vancouver, B. C., University of British Columbia, School of Community and Regional Planning, 1969.
1969 66p.

Washington nature notes.
Olympia, Wash., Washington book society [1944-.
1944 p. Illstr.

Wildlife diversity and landscape patterns in Northwest coastal forests / sponsor, Coastal Oregon Productivity Enhancement.
[Newport, Ore.? : Coastal Oregon Productivity Enhancement, 1989].
1989 85p. Illstr.

The western hemlock
Allen, E. T. (Edward Tyson)
Washington [D.C.] : G.P.O., 1902.
1902 55p.

Tales from a Northwest naturalist
Anderson, Jim
Caldwell, Idaho : Caxton Printers, 1992.
1992 217p. Illstr.

Ancient ones : the world of the old-growth Douglas fir
Bash, Barbara
San Francisco : Sierra Club Books for Children, c1994.
1994 189p.

Nature stories of the Northwest,
Bashford, Herbert
San Francisco, The Whitaker & Ray Company, 1898.
1898 149p. Illstr.

Valuing nature : the decline and preservation of old-growth forests
Booth, Douglas E.
Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield, c1994.
1994 287p.

Mount St. Helens : the eruption and recovery of a volcano
Carson, Rob
Seattle, Wash. : Sasquatch Books, c1990.
1990 160p. Illstr.

A net of naturalists; some notable naturalists in the Pacific Northwest
Chambers, Ruth
Victoria, Victoria Natural History Society, 1968.
1968 39p. Illstr.

Natural history of Oregon coast mammals
Chris Maser [et al.].
Portland, Or. : Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, 1981.
1981 496p. Illstr.

Natural history of the Pacific crest trail system : a descriptive list of the typical species of the trees, animals, birds and flowers living in the High Mountains of Washington, Oregon and California : identified to location on the P.C.T.S. route as desc
Clarke, Clinton C.
Pasadena, Calif. : [s.n.], [1936].
1936 75p. Illstr.

The natural history of Washington territory, with much relating to Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oregon, and California, between the thirty-sixth and forty-ninth parallels of latitude, being those parts of the final reports on the survey of the Northern Pa
Cooper, J. G. (James Graham)
New York, Bailliere brothers, London, H. Bailliere; [etc., etc.] 1859.
1859 p. Illstr.

Pacific Northwest plants as potential drugs.
Cox, Cliveden Llwyd
Thesis (M.S. in Pharmacy)--University of Washington. Bibliography: L. 22. General references: L. 23.
1929 p.

Nature diary of a quiet pedestrian
Croft, Philip
Madeira Park, B.C. : Harbour Pub., c1986.
1986 141p. Illstr.

Lewis and Clark, pioneering naturalists
Cutright, Paul Russell
Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1969.
1969 506p. Illstr.

Mineral Atlas: Pacific Northwest
DeLucia, Alan A.
University of Idaho Press
0-89301-072-3 1980 38p. $9.95

Historical background of the flora of the Pacific Northwest
Detling, LeRoy E.
Eugene, Museum of National History, University of Oregon, 1968.
1968 57p.

Final Forest: The Battle for the Last Great Trees of the Pacific Northwest
Dietrich, William
Viking Penguin
0-14-017750-7 1993 304p. $11.95 In Print

Douglas of the forests : the North American journals of David Douglas
Douglas, David
Seattle : University of Washington Press, [1980].
1980 188p. Illstr.

My wilderness: the Pacific West
Douglas, William O.
Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1960.
1960 206p.

Stumped: The Forest Industry in Transition
Drushka, Ken
University of Washington Press
0-295-96299-2 1985 304p. $16.95 Illstr.

Mountain goats in Olympic National Park : biology and management of an introduced species
[edited by] Douglas B. Houston, Edward G. Schreiner, Bruce B. Moorhead.
[Washington, D.C.?] : U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, 1994.
1994 295p. Illstr.

Columbia River estuary inventory of physical, biological and cultural characteristics
edited by Margaret H Seaman
[s.l.] : the Taskforce?, 1977?.
1977 p. Illstr.

Cascadia wild : protecting an international ecosystem
edited by Mitch Friedman and Paul Lindholdt.
Bellingham, WA : Greater Ecosystem Alliance, c1993.
1993 192p. Illstr.

Uses of Ecology: Lake Washington and Beyond
Edmondson, W. T.
University of Washington Press
0-295-97024-3 1991 352p. $22.50 Illstr. In Print
Case study of the ongoing reclaimation of Lake Washington.

Fragile majesty : the battle for North America's last great forest
Ervin, Keith
Seattle : The Mountaineers, c1989.
1989 272p. Illstr.

Olympic National Park, Washington
Fagerlund, Gunnar O.
Washington [U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service] 1954.
1954 67p. Illstr.

British Columbia wild : a natural history
Fitzharris, Tim
Vancouver, B.C. : Terrapin Press, c1986.
1986 160p. Illstr.

Natural vegetation of Oregon and Washington
Franklin, Jerry F.
[Corvallis?] : Oregon State University Press, [1988?].
1988 452p. Illstr.

Notes on the natural history of Mount Rainier National Park
Franklin, Jerry F. and Norman A. Bishop.
[Longmire, Wash.] : Mount Rainier National History Assn., [1969?].
1969 24p. Illstr.

A Forest in the City: Your Guide to Tryon Creek State Park
Friends of Tryon Creek State Park
Friends of Tryon Creek State Park
1994 p. In Print
This book discusses the creek environment, changing forest, plants, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, arthopods, and mollusks that live within the park. It also tells about the educational resources available from the Friends of Tryon Creek. [Ellen Kennedy]

Northwest plant names and symbols for ecosystem inventory and analysis
G.A. Garrison ... et al.
Portland Or. : Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experimen Station, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, 1976.
1976 263p.

The Ancient Murrelet : a natural history in the Queen Charlotte Islands.
Gaston, A. J. (Anthony J.)
London : T & AD Poyser ; San Diego, CA : Academic Press, 1992.
1992 249p. Illstr.

Plant Lore of an Alaskan Island
Graham, Frances K.
Alaska Northwest Books
0-88240-303-6 1985 210p. $9.95 Illstr.

Ethnobotany of Western Washington: The Knowledge and Use of Indigenous Plants by Native Americans
Gunther, Erna. Janish, Jeanne R. (Illustrator)
University of Washington Press
0-295-95258-X 1973 74p. $9.95 Illstr. In Print

Wild islands
Hancock, David
[Saanichton, B.C., Wildlife Conservation Centre, c1970].
1970 78p. Illstr.

Pacific wilderness
Hancock, David, Lyn Hancock and David Stirling
Saanichton, B.C. : Hancock House, [1974].
1974 94p. Illstr.

Guide to the Hoh Rain Forest
Hanify, Mary Lou and Craig Blencowe
[Seattle : Published for the Pacific Northwest National Parks Association, Olympic Branch by Superior Pub. Co., c1977.
1977 32p. Illstr.

Island year
Heckman, Hazel
Seattle, University of Washington Press [1972].
1972 255p. Illstr.

Tales of the Oregon Cascades
Helfrich, Prince,
Hillsborough, Calif. : Natural World Press, 1990.
1990 224p. Illstr.

At the forest's edge : memoir of a physician-naturalist
Hellyer, David Tirrell
Seattle, Wash. : Pacific Search Press, c1985.
1985 374p. Illstr.

The coast of British Columbia
Herger, Bob; Rosemary Neering
Anchorage : Alaska Northwest Books, c1990.
1990 148p. Illstr.

Union Bay, the life of a city marsh
Higman, Harry Wentworth; and Earl J. Larrison
Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1951.
1951 315p. Illstr.

Vascular plants of the Pacific Northwest. Selections.
Hitchcock, Charles Leo
Seattle, University of Washington Press [1973].
1973 730p.

One City's Wilderness: Portland's Forest Park
Houle, Marcy
Oregon Historical Society Press
0-614-05559-8 1995 p. $12.95 In Print
A guide to the geology, vegetation, wildlife, and trails within this forty-eight hundred acre urban forest in Portland. [Ellen Kennedy]

Northwest Disaster: Avalanche and Fire
Hult, Ruby El.
Binford & Mort Publishing
0-8323-0224-4 1975 244p. $9.95 Illstr. In Print

Islands at the Edge: Preserving the Queen Charlotte Islands Wilderness
Islands Protection Society
University of Washington Press
0-295-96189-9 1984 160p. $30.00 Illstr. In Print

Wildlife habitats in managed forests : the Blue Mountains of Oregon and Washington
Jack Ward Thomas, technical editor.
Washington, D.C. : Wildlife Management Institute : U.S Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Land Management : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1979.
1979 512p. Illstr.

Exploring Alaska's Prince William Sound, its fiords, islands, glaciers, and wildlife
Johannsen, Neil C.
Anchorage : Alaska Travel Publications, c1975.
1975 306p.

America's rainforest
Kane, Karen
Minocqua, WI : NorthWord Press, c1991.
1991 159p.

Edge of a continent; the Pacific coast from Alaska to Baja
Kelley, Donald Greame
Palo Alto, Calif., American West Pub. Co. [1971].
1971 288p. Illstr.

Secrets of the old growth forest
Kelly, David
Salt Lake City : Gibbs-Smith, 1988.
1988 99p.

The Olympic seashore. Published in cooperation with the National Park Service
Kirk, Ruth
Port Angeles, Wash., Olympic Natural History Association [1962].
1962 79p. Illstr.

Olympic Rain Forest: An Ecological Web, The
Kirk, Ruth. Franklin, Jerry N. Contributors: Doig, Ivan (Foreword by). Doig, Ivan (Foreword by)
University of Washington Press
0-295-97187-8 1992 128p. $17.50 Illstr. In Print

Where salmon come to die : an autumn on Alaska's raincoast
Kolankiewicz, Leon J.
Boulder, Colo. : Pruett Pub. Co., c1993.
1993 126p. Illstr.

Ecology of the forests of the Pacific Northwest
Krajina, Vladimir J.
Vancouver, B.C., University of British Columbia, 1963-1964.
1964 p. Illstr.

Natural History of Puget Sound Country, The
Kruckeberg, Arthur R.
University of Washington Press
0-295-97019-7 1991 488p. $40.00 Illstr. 292 Refs. In Print
Just what it says. Very good introduction to plant communities. Maybe a little short on animals.

Wildlife use of managed forests in Washington : a review
Larry L. Irwin ... [et al.].
Corvallis, OR : National Council of the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement, West Coast Regional Office, [1989].
1989 176p. Illstr.

Native plant notebook : Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
Laura Potash ... [et al.].
[Mountlake Terrace, WA : United States Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region, 1994].
1994 p. Illstr.

The naturalist in Vancouver Island and British Columbia [microform]
Lord, John Keast, 1818-1872.
London : R. Bentley, 1866.
1866 530p. Illstr.

109 walks in British Columbia's lower mainland
Macaree, Mary.
Seattle : Mountaineers, c1983.
1983 240p.

Cascade-Olympic natural history
Mathews, Daniel, 1948-.
Portland, OR : Raven Editions in conjunction with the Audubon Society of Portland, c1988.
1988 625p. Illstr.

Menzies' journal of Vancouver's voyage, April to October, 1792. Edited with botanical and ethnological notes, by C.F Newcombe ... and a biographical note by J. Forsyth. Printed by authority of the Legislative Assembly.
Menzies, Archibald, fl. 1763.
Victoria, B.C., Printed by W.H. Cullin, 1923.
1923 171p. Illstr.

Forests of Mount Rainier
Moir, William H.
Northwest Interpretive Association
0-914019-24-4 1989 111p. $9.95 Illstr. In Print

The forest elk : Roosevelt elk in Olympic National Park
Moorhead, Bruce E.
Seattle, Wash. : Northwest Interpretive Assoc., c1994.
1994 61p. Illstr.

Northwest passages : from the pen of John Muir in California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska / introduction by Scott Lankford ; designed and illustrated by Andrea Hendrick.
Muir, John, 1838-1914.
Palo Alto, Calif. : Tioga Pub. Co., 1988.
1988 67p. Illstr.

Report on the elk of the Olympic Peninsula
Murie, Olaus Johan, 1889-1963.
Reproduced from typewritten copy.
1935 23p.

Rambles in north-western America, from the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains. Being a description of the physical geography, climate, soil, productions, industrial and commercial resources, scenery, population, educational institutions, arboreal botany
Murphy, John Mortimer.
London, Chapman and Hall, 1879.
1879 364p. Illstr.

Make prayers to the raven : a Koyukon view of the northern forest
Nelson, Richard K.
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, c1983.
1983 292p. Illstr.

Ancient Forests of the Pacific Northwest
Norse, Elliott A. (Ed.)
Island Press
1-55963-016-7 1990 325p. $19.95 Illstr. In Print

Ecoregions of the Pacific Northwest
Omernik, James M.
Corvallis, Or. : U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Research Laboratory, [1986].
1986 39p. Illstr.

Biennial report of the State Biologist ... to the Legislative Assembly.
Oregon. State Biologist.
Salem, Or.

Natural history of the Queen Charlotte islands, British Columbia. Natural history of the Cook inlet region, Alaska
Osgood, Wilfred Hudson, 1875-1947.
Washington, Govt. print. off., 1901.
1901 87p. Illstr.

Green Giants: Rainforests of the Pacific Northwest
Parkin, Tom
Firefly Books, Limited
1-895565-07-3 1992 48p. $7.95 Illstr. In Print

A Natural History of Western Trees
Peattie, Donald C. Landacre, Paul (Illustrator)
Houghton Mifflin Company
0-395-58175-3 1991 768p. $18.95 Illstr. In Print

Ancient forests in the Pacific Northwest : analysis and maps of twelve national forests
Peter H. Morrison [et al.]
Washington, D.C. (900 17th St N.W., Washington 20006-2596) : Wilderness Society, c1991.
1991 13p. Illstr.

The role of spring ponds in the winter ecology and natural production of coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington
Peterson, N. Phil.
Another copy has number: Thesis 27513. Thesis (M.S.)--University of Washington. Bibliography: leaves [87]-91.
1980 96p. Illstr.

The elderberry tree. Illus., by Jean Wolverton Petite.
Petite, Irving, 1920-.
Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1964.
1964 159p.

A nature walk in Stanley Park : Lost Lagoon & Beaver Lake
Prescott-Allen, Christine, 1949-.
Vancouver : Mitchell Press, c1977.
1977 114p. Illstr.

Wintergreen : listening to the land's heart
Pyle, Robert Michael.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1988, c1986.
1986 303p. Illstr.

More tree talk : the people, politics, and economics of timber
Raphael, Ray.
Washington, D.C. : Island Press, 1994.
1994 330p. Illstr.

The Northwest Coast: A Natural History
Schultz, Stewart T.
Timber Press, Incorporated
0-88192-142-4 1990 p. $29.95 Illstr. 374 Refs. In Print

Nature in the Northwest: An Introduction to the Natural History and Ecology of the Northwestern United States
Schwartz, Susan
Prentice Hall
0-13-610386-3 1983 288p. $10.95 Illstr.

Native flora of the Pacific Northwest; a bibliography.
Seattle Garden Club (Seattle, Wash.).
[Seattle, Frayn Printing Co., 1939].
1939 15p.

The ecology of tidal marshes of the Pacific Northwest coast : a community profile
Seliskar, Denise M.
Washington, D.C. : The Service, 1983.
1983 65p. Illstr.

Ancient forests
Siy, Alexandra.
New York : Dillon Press ; Toronto : Maxwell Macmillan Canada ; New York : Maxwell Macmillan International, c1991.
1991 72p.

Vancouver Island: unknown wilderness
Smith, Ian.
Seattle, University of Washington Press [1973].
1973 174p. Illstr.

Wildlife areas of Washington
Spring, Bob, 1918-.
Seattle : Superior Pub. Co., c1976.
1976 142p.

A catalog of native plants, native Americans : May 26-May 31, North Gallery, Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum.
Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum.
[Seattle : The Museum, 1981?].
1981 83p. Illstr.

Discovery Park inventory and natural history report
University of Washington. Institute for Environmental Studies.
Seattle, University of Washington, 1974.
1974 125p. Illstr.

Nature west coast: a study of plants, insects, birds, mammals and marine life as seen in Lighthouse Park
Vancouver Natural History Society.
Vancouver, Discovery Press, 1973.
1973 283p. Illstr.

Nature Walks in and Around Seattle: All-Season Exploring in Parks, Forests and Wetlands
Whitney, Stephen R.
Mountaineers Books, The
0-89886-128-4 1987 240p. $12.95 Illstr. 44 Refs. In Print
Where to go see some native plants without a long drive. Gives bus routes.

The ecology of Pacific Northwest coastal sand dunes : a community profile
Wiedemann, Alfred M.
Washington, D.C. : The Team, [1984].
1984 130p. Illstr.

Adopting a Stream: A Northwest Handbook
Yates, Steve
University of Washington Press
0-295-96796-X 1989 126p. $14.95 In Print