Top Ten Books

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Here are my current Top Ten favorite books. Yes, there are more than ten...

Gardening by Mail: A Source Book
Barton, Barbara J.
Tusker Press
0-395-68079-4 1986 288p. $18.95 Illstr. In Print
Scads of mail order nurseries, sorted by various keys such as regions and types of plant.

The Forgotten Pollinators
Buchmann, Stephen L. & Gary Paul Nabhan
Island Press
1-55963-352-2 1996 292p. 290 Refs. In Print
One chapter on gardening for pollinators, but read the whole thing anyway...

Botany for Gardeners: An Introduction and Guide
Capon, Brian
Timber Press, Incorporated
0-88192-258-7 1990 220p. $17.95 Illstr. In Print

The wild lawn handbook : alternatives to the traditional front lawn
Daniels, Stevie
New York, NY : Macmillan USA
0-02-529445-8 1995 223p. $20.00 Illstr. 30 Refs. In Print

Uses of Ecology: Lake Washington and Beyond
Edmondson, W. T.
University of Washington Press
0-295-97024-3 1991 352p. $22.50 Illstr. In Print
Case study of the ongoing reclaimation of Lake Washington.

Birder»s Handbook: A Field Guide to the Natural History of North American Birds
Ehrlich, Paul R. & David S. Dabkin & Darryl Wheye
Simon & Schuster
0-671-65989-8 1988 786p. $17.00 Illstr. 63 Refs. In Print
Two books in one, half natural history essays and half all the data usualy left out of field guides: habitat, nesting locations and style, eggs, diet, flying style. 63 pages of references. I wish it had been bound as two books, though, to make it easier to hold and carry around.

Northwest Gardeners' Resource Directory, 7th Edition
Feeney, Stephanie J.
Cedarcroft Press
1997 352p. In Print
Includes lists of nurseries selling natives, plant sales, shows, and much more. Now in it»s 7th edition, and covering western Oregon as well as Western Washington and BC. There is an associated web site at:

Waterscaping: Plants and Ideas for Natural and Created Water Gardens
Glattstein, Judy
Storey Communications, Incorporated
0-88266-606-1 1994 192p. $18.95 Illstr. 41 Refs. In Print
Best of the water garden books. Not exclusively ponds, but wet meadows, marshes, swamps and bogs. Mostly geared to eastern US natives, but the general principles still apply to the PNW.

Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest: An Illustrated Guide
Kruckeberg, Arthur R.
University of Washington Press
0-295-97476-1 1996 288p. $35.00 Illstr. 47 Refs. In Print
Good notes on propagation. Revised 2nd edition adds a few grasses and some annuals.

Native Plants in the Coastal Garden: A Guide for Gardeners in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest
Pettinger, April
Whitecap Books
1-55110-405-9 1996 170p. $16.95 Illstr. 105 Refs. In Print
Good introduction. Lists of plants that go together in a habitat and some discussion of wildlife.

Plants of the Pacific Northwest
Pojar, J. & MacKinnon, A.
Lone Pine
1-55105-040-4 1994 528p. $19.95 Illstr. 67 Refs. In Print
Covers well over 800 plants, including trees, shrubs, wildflowers, ferns, grasses, mosses, aquatics and oddballs. Includes notes on habitat and ethnobotany.

The Northwest Coast: A Natural History
Schultz, Stewart T.
Timber Press, Incorporated
0-88192-142-4 1990 p. $29.95 Illstr. 374 Refs. In Print

Noah's Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Backyards
Stein, Sara
Houghton Mifflin Company
0-395-70940-7 1995 294p. $10.95 Illstr. In Print
Read My Weeds first to watch her philosophy change from traditional gardener through ecological gardener. This one tells the tale of her fight with invasive exotics while trying to reclaim space for native meadows and woodlands.

Planting Noah's Garden: Further Adventures in Backyard Ecology
Stein, Sara
Houghton Mifflin Company
0-395-70960-1 1997 448p. $35.00 Illstr. In Print

My Weeds: A Gardener's Botany
Stein, Sara. Patterson, Ippy (Illustrator)
Houghton Mifflin Company
0-395-70817-6 1994 228p. $11.95 Illstr. In Print
Excellent introduction to how plants work, and why weeds are weedy. Her philosophy towards weeds and gardens changes as she learns more biology. Then read Noah»s Garden to watch the transformation continue.

Butterfly Gardening: Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden
Xerces Society Staff
Sierra Club Books
0-87156-615-X 1990 192p. $20.00 Illstr. In Print
Beautiful photos, good design advice.